Report | September 16, 2019

High-Quality Early Learning in Nebraska is Crime Prevention

Early childhood programs set children on the path to success in Nebraska

Almost 40 percent of children under the age of five in Nebraska are at risk of failing in school. Many of these children are already behind their peers in skills development at kindergarten entry. Unfortunately, some of these children never catch up, putting them on a path toward future high school dropout and potential involvement in crime.

Less than 15 percent of at-risk children under the age of three in Nebraska have access to a high-quality early childhood program

High-quality early childhood programs can help reduce these risks by working with parents to give children a good start in life. Research shows that high-quality programs can increase the likelihood that children succeed in school and steer clear of crime. When we invest in early learning programs, we put our children—and our state—on a path toward greater safety and prosperity.


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