Chris Carter

Pastor of Connection and Police Chaplain of Northpointe Community Church

Member: Shepherding the Next Generation

Pastor Chris Carter has been a member of Shepherding the Next Generation since 2013, and has been an invaluable part of the organization in Michigan.

Pastor Carter began his journey as Director of Junior High Ministry At Faith Community Church in 1993, and has been at Nothpointe Community Church since 2015. In addition to his work at the church he is a chaplain for the Police and Fire Departments in the DeWitt Charter Township since 2013. Pastor Chris is a graduate of The Master’s college with dual masters from Liberty University.

In working with teenagers and families, Pastor Chris has seen firsthand the need to intervene in children’s lives as early as possible. Parents need equipping, training and resources. Kids need hope, love and support. He states that one of the best things about being a pastor is that Jesus provides this through His Holy Spirit and the faith community whether it’s early education, parent coaching in an effort to give more tools and break generational cycles, or simply identifying and attempting to meet physical needs.