David Gray

VP and Chief Financial Officer, Consolidated Catfish Producers (Delta Pride Catfish)

David Gray is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC in Isola, MS. He has served in this position for over 30 years and is a certified CPA. He and his wife Libby have three children and live in Greenville, MS. His hobbies include tennis, golf, and gardening.

Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC is one great company with two incredible brands: Country Select and Delta Pride Catfish. Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC is a leader in all areas of the catfish industry. In 2006 Consolidated Catfish Producers (dba Country Select) and Delta Pride Catfish joined together to merge sales, marketing, and distribution. The two companies officially merged in 2008 to form one operating company known as Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC. Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC provides their product to customers around the world.