Evelyn Cayson

Market President; MS & AL, Aledade, Inc.

Evelyn Cayson is a dedicated and accomplished healthcare professional with a passion for improving primary care. Born and raised in Mississippi, Evelyn has built a remarkable career in the healthcare industry.

Evelyn graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which laid the foundation for an impactful journey in health care. Her early years were marked by a commitment to pediatric care, where she made meaningful differences in the lives of young patients.

Throughout her career, Evelyn transitioned into ambulatory care clinic settings, further expanding her expertise and contributions to the healthcare field. This hands-on experience allowed her to witness the intricate dynamics of patient care from a different perspective.

In her current role as the Market President at Aledade, Inc., a health care technology and change management company, Evelyn plays a pivotal role in transforming primary care. Aledade focuses on empowering primary care doctors to enhance patient outcomes while reducing the total cost of care. Evelyn’s leadership and dedication have been instrumental in driving innovation and progress in this crucial sector.

Outside of her professional life, Evelyn is a loving mother to two young children and shares her life journey with a supportive partner and rambunctious dog. She finds solace in a good cup of coffee and has a deep passion for travel, exploring new horizons and experiencing diverse cultures.