Greg Capers

Sheriff, San Jacinto County (TX) Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Capers has been an active member of “Fight Crime: Invest in Kids” since 2015.

After graduation from High School, he went to work for the Texas Department of Corrections where he began his career in law enforcement. During his infrequent off hours at TDC, he would spend time with his grandmother who was then the Precinct 4, “Justice of the Peace” in Point Blank, Texas, where she would instill in him the values and rewards of a law-enforcement career. They later realized that it was in his DNA and his future in law enforcement was already assured as he had several other members of his family from his mother’s side who were already in the field as well.

In 1984, Greg joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office till today, nearly 40 years later a decision he has never regretted…

In his 30 years with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, he has earned his Master, Peace Officers Certification his Master Jailer Certification and has successfully completed over 5000 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) accredited hours of Continuing Education and Training.

He subsequently gained his Law Enforcement Instructor Certification, Canine Certification, Master Patrol Certification, SWAT Certification, and many Homeland Security Certifications as well as a United States Congressional Award.

Then due in part to his dedication, accomplishments, education and training he was selected and promoted to supervisory and managerial responsibilities in the Jail, Patrol Division, and Special Investigation Division, including Undercover Vice/Narcotics and Auto Theft.

These positions were primarily with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office but were in many cases in partnership in clandestine operations with other State and Federal agencies.

Sheriff Capers later went on to attend the Law Enforcement Management Institute Leadership Command College culminating in his teaching more than 1000 law-enforcement professionals from Municipalities, County, State and Federal level agencies as well as becoming an adjunct instructor for Colleges and Police Academies throughout the State of Texas.

Upon his full retirement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and while residing in San Jacinto County with his family, Greg successfully ran for and was elected Sheriff of San Jacinto County in 2014 where he remains today in service to the county residence of the county and beyond.

Sheriff Capers has served on several state and federal legislative committees in Austin and Washington D.C. working with both houses to better support the law-enforcement community and thereby providing for a safer community not only in San Jacinto County but throughout the great State of Texas.

Sheriff Capers is one of 32 out of 254 Texas Sheriffs’ to have graduated from the “National Sheriff’s Academy” and currently is the Second Vice President of the prestigious 176-year-old Sheriff’s Association of Texas.

The talk in the halls of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office among senior staff is “don’t get between the Sheriff and anyone who has been adjudicated as a child offender” … enough said.