Greg Champagne

Sheriff, St. Charles Parish (LA) Sheriff’s Office

Greg Champagne was elected Sheriff of St. Charles Parish in 1995 and has been reelected five times. Upon completion of his sixth term, he will become the longest serving sheriff in the 200 year history of St. Charles Parish. Sheriff Champagne is a past president of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association, Immediate Past President of The National Sheriffs’ Association, chairman of the NSA Legal Affairs Committee, and a member of the Louisiana State Law Institute’s Committee on l on Justice as well as The NSA Congressional Affairs, Global Affairs, and Homeland Security Committees. In addition, the Attorney General of The United States appointed Sheriff Champagne to the National Commission on Forensic Science in August of 2015.

Sheriff Champagne has been a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids since 2009. Since becoming a member, Sheriff Champagne has been a strong advocate for early education and care and mental health reform federally and in his home state. Sheriff Champagne has helped promote solutions that steer kids away from crime at the state and federal level, most recently representing Fight Crime: Invest In Kids as a guest on the Tavis Smiley show, where he emphasized the importance of reaching kids early to prevent them from going down the wrong path and ending up in jail.

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