Janice Grieshaber Geddes

Executive Director, The Jenna Foundation for Nonviolence, Inc.

Ms. Geddes has been a member since 1999. Since her daughter Jenna Grieshaber’s murder, she has been a tireless advocate. On August 6, 1998, “Jenna’s Law” was signed, which represented the second phase of an initiative to introduce truth­ in­ sentencing principles into New York State’s sentencing structure for all violent felony offenders. In 1995, the Governor ended indeterminate sentencing for second­-time violent felony offenders and provided that if an offender maintains a good disciplinary and program record while in prison, he or she would be eligible for release only after serving 85 percent of his or her prison term. Jenna’s Law applies that same structure to first­-time violent felony offenders and establishes a mandated post-­release supervision terms for all violent felony offenders upon their release from prison.

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