Kevin C. Washington

Member, Board of Directors, Thrive by Five Washington

Kevin C. Washington was a founding member of ReadyNation in Washington State and has been involved since 2011. He is a semi-retired consultant in the fields of business, business electronic commerce, and retail logistics. He spends the majority of his time as a volunteer across a host of local and Washington state childhood education projects. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Thrive by Five Washington, the state’s nonprofit public-private partnership for early learning. They mobilize the long-term statewide commitment to early learning, so that families and caregivers have the information and support they need to help their children succeed in school and thrive in life.

Having worked for Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) for 18 years in retail management, Washington spent another six years involved in business-to-business electronic commerce, retail logistics and trading partner programs with the same firm. Several years of work with, Zones, Inc. and Simmons/Galt Human Resources Consultants led to his becoming more active in areas supporting childhood education in Seattle.

Washington’s current involvements include: Chair, Seattle YMCA Black Achievers Program; Board, Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA; Board Member & Education Committee Chair, Tabor 100; Board Member and Treasurer, League of Education Voters, Board Member & Founder, Coalition for Equal Education Rights (CEER); Member, Black Education Strategy Roundtable; Board Member & Board President, Thrive By Five WA; Appointed to Seattle Family and Education Levy Oversight Committee, Co-Chair of the 2011 Levy Planning Committee; and Board Member, Excellent Schools Now Coalition.

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