Marc Klaas

President, KlaasKids Foundation

Marc Klaas has been a Fight Crime: Invest in Kids member since 1997. In the aftermath of the Oct 1, 1993 kidnap and murder of his 12-year- old daughter Polly, Mr. Klaas gave up his lucrative rental car franchise to pursue an aggressive child safety agenda and founded the nonprofit KlaasKids Foundation in 1994. Klaas also co¬≠founded BeyondMissing, Inc., which provides America’s law enforcement community with a free and secure website to easily and swiftly create and distribute missing child flyers via broadcast fax, email, and SMS technology. Mr. Klaas travels extensively through the United States facilitating town¬≠-hall meetings, encouraging innovative solutions and proven programs that positively impact crime, abuse and neglect that plague children in so many of our communities. He also counsels and advises numerous victim families and families of kidnapped children. Besides his duties as president of the KlaasKids Foundation and volunteer president of BeyondMissing, Inc. Klaas sits on the advisory boards of the Center for the Community Interest, National Children’s Advocacy Center, Crime Victims United and

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