Rene P. Fietcher

Assistant District Attorney, Nassau County, NY

Mr. Fiechter is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance and has law degrees from both Hofstra University (JD) and New York University ( LLM criminal law). He has worked extensively in the fields of nonprofit and government management with specialties in criminal justice, treatment, and youth advocacy. René developed and was Chief of all three of the District Attorneys’ community oriented prosecution programs where he led a team of community problem solving ADAs in high crime neighborhoods.

Mr. Fiechter has an extensive history of volunteer work serving on the boards of numerous local, state, and national professional organizations. When personal tragedy struck, he became active in victim’s services and was Counsel to Parents of Murdered Children. He has served as a policy board member of the NYS Coalition for Criminal Justice, Chairman of the Nassau Coalition for Safety and Justice, and is currently the President of the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement. He became a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids 15 years ago and currently serves as a co-chair in New York State. In that role, he leverages his expertise and connections among early childhood advocates across the state in order to help maintain and advance investments to steer kids out of trouble.