Rev. Mark Fuller

Senior Pastor of The Grove Nazarene

Pastor Mark Fuller has been a member of Shepherding the Next Generation since 2015, and has worked closely with our organization to make a difference for kids in Ohio.

Born into a Nazarene parsonage, Pastor fuller attended Mid America Nazarene University, where he met his future wife, Sue, also a pastor’s child. God had an amazing plan for their lives, but it wasn’t until Mark was at the Nazarene Theological Seminary that they fully recognized this plan.

God spoke to Mark through a homiletics (preaching) class, and challenged him to submit his life to His service and become a pastor. In 1977, Mark joined the Olathe College Church staff as the Youth & College Associate. He was given the opportunity to serve as Senior Pastor of Grove City Nazarene in 2005.

Pastor Mark is an advocate for parent coaching programs and offers quarterly parenting classes as they recognize that parenting is hard work. Grove City Nazarene has a preschool, K-12 school, and arts academy.