Factsheet | May 15, 2020

The Business Case for Early Childhood Investments in Mississippi

A new Mississippi factsheet makes the business case for early childhood investments

A skilled, productive workforce is essential for a strong Mississippi economy. High-quality early childhood education (ECE) supports this workforce now and into the future. Parents need high-quality ECE programs so they can go to work and support their families. Employers need engaged, productive employees who are not distracted by concerns about their children’s well-being during the work day. And children need responsive, high-quality environments that nurture optimal brain development and promote cognitive and socioemotional growth.


Investments in high-quality early childhood education are essential to support our children’s success in school and longer-term in the workplace.

Edmond E. Hughes, Vice President, HR&A Ingalls Shipbuilding

Mississippi business leaders can make a difference by using their influence, time, and voice to help strengthen the state’s ECE system, thereby benefitting children as well as the current and future workforce.

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