Letters to Lawmakers | November 28, 2018

Members Call on Maine Legislators to Prioritize Investments in Children

ReadyNation Maine members sign letter to incoming state legislators and Governor-Elect Mills

ReadyNation Maine members congratulate our newly elected and re-elected state legislators and Governor. As you work together with your colleagues to put Maine on a path to future economic stability and prosperity, we hope you will keep in mind that some of the best investments Maine can make are the ones that have proven high returns down the road.

We all know that we want Maine’s future to be in good hands. To ensure our future prosperity, we need to develop a strong bench.

We need to develop a generation of young people who can lead our businesses and our communities while growing our economy.

Research shows that high-quality early learning programs can be very beneficial in improving academic performance and educational achievement. The programs also help students develop the skills they’ll need to move on to higher education and, later, to thrive in a competitive workforce.

We encourage you to work in a bipartisan fashion to expand access to and affordability of high-quality early learning programs during the 129th Legislative Session.


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