Blog | April 29, 2021

Afterschool Programs Support Working Families and Help Prepare Our Youth for the Workforce.

Funding reform is necessary to expand afterschool and expanded learning program access to all students


Afterschool and summer programs offer students a safe place to learn, build social and emotional skills, and develop into successful adults. But access to these crucial programs remains inadequate, due in part to how California funds them. ReadyNation’s business leaders know that afterschool programs support the growth and success of our economy because they support working families and help to prepare our youth for the 21st Century workforce. Reforms to afterschool funding in California will help address these issues.

Afterschool programs are a critical help to working families, and by extension, businesses and the economy. Parents can have a peace of mind at work knowing their children and youth are staying safe, active, and engaged.

Luis Moran, CEO of TortaMovil

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