Blog | August 20, 2021

Budget Thank You from ReadyNation California Leaders

ReadyNation California sends a thank you letter to the California Governor and Legislature for historic investments in children and families in the 2021-22 California Budget

On behalf of ReadyNation California, a network of over 300 business leaders who support kid-focused policies and programs that build a stronger workforce and economy, we thank Governor Newsom, Speaker Rendon, and Pro-Tem Atkins for passing a momentous budget with historical investments in California’s children and youth.

We believe that we must invest in our future workforce from cradle to career, including programs in early childhood care and education, K-12 and post-secondary education, as well as afterschool programs, integrated services like community schools, and ending the digital divide in California.

This year’s budget will make a lasting impact on generations to come, and we particularly want to highlight our gratitude and appreciation for the below investments:

Statistics from CA 2021-22 Budget

These historic and transformative investments in children and families set precedence for future growth and impact in these spaces, especially for those who experience disadvantaged circumstances. We must continue to work to ensure that this progress is stable and ongoing. Together, we can increase economic prosperity for all families while supporting safer communities, healthier children, and a more productive economy.

Thank you for Governor Newsom’s and the California Legislature’s leadership and commitment to investing in our future.

View our thank you letter below.


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