Media Coverage | December 4, 2015

Learning While They’re Little [Audio]

Quality early learning makes common cents

Rob Dugger, Advisory Board Chair of ReadyNation, joined Dr. James Heckman, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics and Dr. Neal Halfon to appear on the KERA Radio show Think on December 2015. The three experts discussed how early childhood programs and elementary educators can better prepare kids for academic success.

From the business community, we think of these more as executive skills. These are the skills that enable a person to work effectively in a team.

Rob Dugger

They also served on a panel at the statewide summit on early learning in Fort Worth, TX. Early education programs are key in building social and emotional skills, such as teamwork and problem solving, which largely develop before age 5. These are the executive functioning skills that will be used later on in every career field.