Blog | December 14, 2021

Investing Early to Protect Our Future

Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Maine Corrections Commissioner and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids member Randy Liberty credits a life-changing decision he made to enlist in the Army as a senior in high school with helping him “break the poverty cycle.” He and his brothers grew up in a low-income household with an incarcerated father, and dreamed of better days while relying heavily on free hot meals at school and surplus food to make ends meet.

Those were the best meals we had of the day…those investments in nutrition, for those four young boys, made all the difference.

Maine Corrections Commissioner Randy Liberty

The Road To Change

The first time he entered the Maine State Prison may have been to visit his inmate father, but, 40 years later, he became its warden. The road was long, and change was hard-won, but Commissioner Randy Liberty’s distinguished career serving our nation in the United States Army, and then as a law enforcement corrections officer, is a testament to his patriotism and leadership. He served as a drill sergeant, a member of the National Guard Reserves, and an instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point before retiring from the military in 2006 as a Command Sergeant Major. During his time in the Reserves, he was able to attend college and take his first step into civilian law enforcement by joining the Kennebec County Sheriff’s office in 1989, where he served for 24 years, including seven years as sheriff. After retiring, he was asked to become the Warden of the Maine State Prison before being appointed as the Maine Corrections Commissioner. Commissioner Liberty is a leader who understands the true value of freedom, and the responsibility we all have to provide the children and youth of our nation with a strong start if we aim to protect that freedom.

Randy Liberty

Being a Strong Role Model

Throughout his tenure in law enforcement, Commissioner Liberty has strengthened his commitment to investing in children and early nutrition programs—the same programs that made all the difference for him and his three brothers. That path has led to a long-term, growing collaboration with Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and Council for a Strong America. There, he has found allies around issues that are dear to his heart: nutrition, health, and accessible, quality early childhood care and education. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Council for a Strong America honored Commissioner Randy Liberty and other members like him for the priceless commitment toward youth and children that they are making through their partnership with us.

Our most precious resource is our children. They are our future leaders. They’re the ones taking the helm from us.

Maine Corrections Commissioner Randy Liberty


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