Release | January 18, 2022

National Day of Racial Healing

A message from Council for a Strong America President and CEO Barry Ford

Barry Ford

Today marks the National Day of Racial Healing, with the Tuesday following the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday designated as such by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. One purpose of this series of national events is to highlight the many different contexts—health, education, nutrition, and more—in which our nation must continue to work towards a more equitable and just society.

We at Council for a Strong America believe that for our nation to remain strong every young person in our nation must be provided with what they need to thrive. Eliminating racial disparities in education and health, expanding opportunity, and ensuring that every child can grow up safe, secure, healthy and well-educated are all fundamental to that goal.

We must work to ensure that a child’s race, ethnicity, financial circumstances, or zip code don’t prevent that young person from accessing the tools that enable him or her to achieve academic and life success. This goal is critical to me as President and CEO of Council for a Strong America.

I recognize that in these times of deep ideological and political divisions, it has been difficult for our leaders at every level of government to come together to fully address the needs of all children and families. Doing so, however, is not only a moral imperative, but it is also central to the economic vitality, national security, and public safety of our country.

We seek to strengthen our nation by recruiting, educating, and mobilizing business, military, and law enforcement leaders to champion evidence-based public policies and investments that improve the lives of children and families. Removing the barriers that prevent some children from reaching their potential is essential to that effort.

On this National Day of Racial Healing, we at CSA renew our commitment to creating a stronger nation—one that is just, equitable, and vibrant. I hope you will join CSA members, staff, and partners in these efforts. For more information on CSA and our work, please visit

Barry D. Ford
President and CEO
Council for a Strong America

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