Video | April 7, 2016

Former Kaiser Permanente CEO Calls for Parent Engagement [VIDEO]

In this video, George Halverson says that parents can improve their children’s learning abilities by exercising their babies’ brains early in the first years of life

In this video, George Halvorson, a member of ReadyNation’s CEO Task Force on Early Childhood, talks about the simple ways that parents, communities, and child care settings can do to strengthen each child’s brain in the early key months and years by reading, talking, playing, and singing.

Halvorson is the current CEO/Chair Institute for InterGroup Understanding and former Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente. Author of the book, Three Key Years, he knows how important it is that children get a strong start in life. Halvorson has also written about early childhood development for The Huffington Post, and brain development in children.

We need to start early because the brain is developing in those first months and years of life. And a pruning process starts after age three. So the greatest opportunity we have to really make a difference is in those first years.

­­George Halvorson


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