Infographic | September 13, 2022

MIECHV Only Supports a Small Fraction of Families that Could Benefit

How many families in your state benefit from MIECHV?

Nationwide, there are approximately 3.4 million highest-priority families that could benefit from home visiting. These families have at least two priority criteria (infant below 12 months; income below poverty threshold; parent under age 21; single parent; parent with less than a high school diploma). Nationwide, only about 71,000 families (equivalent to two percent of highest-priority families) receive services through the federally-funded Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program.

MIECHV map key

Providing a significant, sustained increase to MIECHV program funding—to at least double over five years—would dramatically increase the number of families served across the nation.

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