Blog | Event | July 11, 2016

Mission: Readiness Partners with Brita to Install Hydration Stations

Working together to improve safe drinking water access and consumption in schools


As a result of our research found in the 2014 report, Operation: Hydration, Mission: Readiness identified an immediate need to get students in California to drink more water where they learn, eat, and play.

In 2016, Mission: Readiness is partnering with Brita to deliver and install hydration stations, donated by Brita, to school and community sites in across the nation. Selected sites in California, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Florida, and North Carolina ran the spectrum from quality early childhood education settings to K-12 schools, after-school and summer learning sites, and even a community college campus.

Built upon shared interests in improving safe drinking water access and consumption in the United States, the partnership has resulted in 62 Hydration Stations installed and 38 additional stations in progress. When fully operational, these Hydration Stations will total roughly $250,000 in donated equipment and accessories, benefit over 40,000 students, and save over one million plastic bottles from local landfills each year.