Blog | April 6, 2023

ReadyNation Member Spotlight: Mary D. Kane

The President & CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce advocates for affordable, quality child care

Mary D. Kane, President & CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, recently joined members of ReadyNation and Mission: Readiness to urge Maryland lawmakers to invest in more quality child care upon the release of shocking negative economic impact data detailed in ReadyNation’s Strengthening Investments in Child Care Can Bolster Maryland’s Future report. 

“It is harder than ever before for Maryland families to find affordable, quality care for their children, and the loss of child care providers has had huge effects on our workforce and economy,” Mary shares. “Maryland companies are struggling to hire and retain employees, while, at the same time, Maryland families are fighting to find affordable, quality care and when they can’t, are being forced out of the job market.” 

Ms. Kane believes that without a strong network of care for our families, many Marylanders will continue to face extreme difficulties finding quality, affordable child care – and Mary and her team at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce know that children, families, employers, and ultimately the Maryland economy will continue to bear the impacts.  

That’s one of the reasons why the Maryland Chamber of Commerce continues to support the work of organizations like ReadyNation who are calling attention to the child care crisis.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce, which represents more than 6,800 businesses of every size from a variety of industries and locations throughout Maryland, advocates for legislation that incentivizes the opening of new child care facilities and the expansion of existing ones. New and expanded child care facilities are needed in order to get more Marylanders back to work. 

“Nearly every one of our member businesses and their employees have been impacted by the lack of affordable, quality child care,” Mary reflects. “We must come together to bolster the child care industry, take the strain off of Maryland employees and businesses, and ensure that children and families have access to the quality care they need.” 

A proven leader in state, federal, and global organizations, Mary has a rich professional history, including time with the U.S. State Department as Director of the National Museum of American Diplomacy. An attorney, she also served as Secretary of State in Maryland from 2003-2007 and as Executive Director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from 2008-2011. Mary has been recognized as one of Maryland’s Top 100 women, and as a leader in business and in politics in The Daily Record’s Power 100 list and Power Government & Lobbyists lists. 

We are enthused to have Mary Kane as a member of ReadyNation!

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