Brief | October 11, 2023

Improving SNAP Can Protect National Security

Updates to SNAP and related programs in the Farm Bill will strengthen our nation

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a vital resource for those who need assistance obtaining nutritious food. SNAP is the largest food program in the United States, serving more than 42 million people each month. As of FY2019, 41 percent of SNAP recipients were households with children.

Despite the importance of SNAP, the program does not receive sufficient funding. The pandemic compounded issues already faced by SNAP participants, such as difficulty affording a nutritious diet, making additional funding for the program necessary. Through the Farm Bill, which is only updated every five years, Congress must increase support for SNAP to ensure that participants can access the nutrition they need. This will also help children in households utilizing SNAP to grow up healthy and prepared for any career they choose, including the military.

Including increased funding for SNAP in the Farm Bill can help reduce the barrier of affordability. Modernizing the program would allow participants to enroll and to have benefits reauthorized online, and make the enrollment process more clear for retailers. Additionally, modernization could broaden eligibility to reach more vulnerable people. These updates could make participating in SNAP easier for individuals and retailers alike.

Strengthening programs such as SNAP and GusNIP alone cannot solve the health and national security crisis our country faces, but this is a crucial component in addressing these challenges. Congress must update the Farm Bill to help improve health and national security.


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