Announcement | September 12, 2016

Welcome to

Council for a Strong America launches a new website

Welcome to the new!

Council for a Strong America has a 20-year track record of being a bipartisan, pragmatic champion for research-based solutions to the problems faced by America’s children and families.

You may know us by one of the five organizations that comprise Council for a Strong America:

Because we know that today’s policymakers, media, and thought leaders are increasingly having important public policy debates in the digital space, Council for a Strong America is making important changes to our digital presence by launching this new website, which features the collective work and research from all five of our organizations.

New digital content

Our new site also features new digital content, including blogs, infographics, video, and more. And you may have noticed our new look—we’ve redesigned our logos to be more distinct and to continue reflecting the commitment and patriotism that we bring to our mission.

Also, we released our first digital report, the 2016 Citizen-Readiness Index, which rates states on whether they’re poised to produce a generation of citizens who are “citizen-ready”—educated, crime-free, and eligible to join the military.

New social media channels

You can also join the conversation on our new Twitter and Facebook pages.