Release | January 16, 2024

2024 National Day of Racial Healing

A message from Council for a Strong America President and CEO Barry Ford

Barry D. Ford, J.D.

Barry Ford

The National Day of Racial Healing is an opportunity to reflect on how each of us, regardless of our backgrounds, communities, or incomes, can be agents of positive change and creators of a new solidarity in our nation. By launching and promoting this day, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has created the space for all Americans to participate in changing narratives, facilitating trust, building authentic relationships, and bridging conflict and difference in positive and constructive ways. Racial healing is a critical and necessary step in our ongoing national effort to become a more perfect union.

The promotion of racial healing is particularly important now. We are a society struggling to define what it means to be a multi-racial democracy that is inclusive, just, and offers everyone a real opportunity to reach their full potential. This is a struggle that is critical to our future success and strength as a nation and must be informed by a deep appreciation for our mutual connection and common destiny. At this point in our journey as a nation we need the talent, experiences, and perspectives of people of every race, from every community, and every background so that we will remain strong and prosperous, and that prosperity will be broadly shared.

Council for a Strong America is proud to support and participate in the National Day of Racial Healing because we are committed to ensuring that America remains strong by making the public policies and investments that will enable every family to thrive regardless of race, income, or zip code. We know, through research and experience, that high-quality experiences and supports for children and their families starting from birth are effective and lasting ways to keep communities safe, support our economic growth, and bolster our national security. In this way, racial healing is an important step toward a just and inclusive society and a stronger nation. For more information about CSA and our work, please visit


Barry D. Ford, J.D.

President and CEO


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