Brief | April 5, 2017

Nancy Moody: Early Social-Emotional Skills Fuel Later Success

Vice President, Public Affairs, DTE Energy, Michigan

Nancy J. Moody

After 30 years in the energy business, I’ll be the first to tell you that it takes more than just an understanding of electricity and the power grid to succeed in today’s energy workforce. We also need people who can listen carefully, manage emotions, and work well on a team.

Unfortunately, employers are finding applicants with these skill sets in short supply. In a Wall Street Journal survey of 900 business leaders, 89 percent said it’s difficult to find employees who bring these abilities to the workplace.

Nancy Moody, DTE

The research is quite clear: quality early education gives children these soft skills, in addition to early reading and early math, that will allow them to thrive in the workplace later on. DTE’s leaders in every business unity depend on clear communication, resilience, and out empathetic connections with each other to succeed.

From the business bottom line to the power lines, the skills kids develop in preschool can drive their future success in the workplace, and will always provide an important mix in the fuel that powers the success of any team.


Nancy J. Moody

Vice President, Public Affairs DTE Energy


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