Factsheet | June 2, 2020

Investing in Kids Will Prevent Crime and Violence

Here are four evidence-based crime prevention methods for policymakers that are proven to work

Here are four evidence-based methods that give state and local policymakers a roadmap for preventing crime and violence. This factsheet highlights four strategies that are proven to work:

  1. Make high-quality early care and early education available to all families with kids from birth to age five.
  2. Offer voluntary home visiting to at-risk parents of young children or other options proven to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  3. Provide effective in-school and after-school programs to all school-age children and youth to help keep them on track.
  4. Identify and help troubled and delinquent kids by providing them and their parents effective interventions so their children avoid a life of crime.

While no plan can prevent every violent act, this common-sense approach—based on Fight Crime’s law enforcement leaders’ experience and the latest research—will improve public safety across the nation.

We need strong investments in high-quality programs that keep kids on the path toward success so they won’t end up in our squad cars as adults.

Chief Art Acevedo, Houston, TX; Member, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids


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