Video | March 19, 2018

Collaboration is Key to Future Military and Workforce Success [VIDEO]

Hear from Brigadier General (Ret.) Lance Talmage on deeper learning skills

Mission: Readiness member Brigadier General (Ret.) Lance Talmage, M.D. of Toledo, Ohio shares his thoughts on the importance of deeper learning competencies for today’s young people:

Collaborating well is one of the core skills of any good service member. In the military, being able to play a specific role as part of a larger unit is vital to achieving the objectives of the overall mission. Leadership within a group, is a key part of not only military service, but many jobs in today’s workforce.

In both medicine and the military, teamwork is such an important aspect.

When considering the 71% of young adults, ages 17 to 24, who are ineligible for military service, a major disqualifier is poor education. By focusing on the core competencies of deeper learning, we can improve our national security, improve our workforce, and prepare more of our children to lead happy, productive lives.

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