Press Release | January 10, 2019

Statement from Susan Bonilla on California State Budget Proposal

Governor Newsom Presents Bold Budget Proposal to Support California Youth and Families

Susan Bonilla staff photo
Susan Bonilla, California State Director of Council for a Strong America

We appreciate Governor Newsom’s thoughtful approach and long-range planning to protect California’s most vulnerable families. The allocation of $1.8 million for early childhood care and education, home visiting services and development screenings is a major step forward for the state. Funding at this level will help break the cycle of poverty that affects so many living in California today. Longitudinal data linking early education, K-12,postsecondary education and the workforce will help make our education systems more effective by allowing for targeting interventions that will boost student outcomes.

Still, we hope that as the budget moves forward, new funding is added to the state’s after-school program, which provides needed child care and keep kids supervised and off the streets, but is struggling with stagnant rates despite minimum wage increases.

Preparing children for a strong start to their academic careers and keeping them on track to graduate increases the likelihood that students will grow to become become productive, citizen-ready adults. The budget as proposed today will go a long way to support families in California and ultimately ensure safer communities and a stronger economy.

The Governor has outlined an ambitious and inspiring agenda; we offer our full support and look forward to working with his Administration.


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