Brief | March 11, 2019

Infant-Toddler Child Care Challenges Undermine New York's Strength

Workers, employers, and families suffer without access to affordable, high-quality child care

High-quality child care can strengthen the current and future workforce, contribute to a strong economy and public safety, and enhance national security. However, New York’s working parents with infants or toddlers know how difficult it is to find child care that’s accessible, affordable, and truly beneficial to their child’s development during one of the most crucial periods of brain development.

Our new national study found that the infant-toddler child care crisis has an annual cost of $57 billion in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue. These costs impact parents, employers, and taxpayers.

New York lawmakers must expand programs that enhance the affordability and availability of quality child care – particularly for infants and toddlers. Action and innovation now can improve the experiences of New York children today and strengthen our state in the years to come.

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