Op-Ed | September 4, 2014

Summer Learning Loss and Weight Gain in Children

Gold medal-winning softball player for Team USA Lisa Fernandez offers ways to avoid summer learning loss and weight gain in children in this op-ed for Champions for America’s Future

Champions member Lisa Fernandez, a three-time gold-medal Olympian as a pitcher for Team USA, published a guest commentary in the Long Beach Press Telegram describing the challenge that lower-income students face whose families can’t afford summer camp, museums, and other extracurricular programs.

As a parent, I want my sons to understand the value of their education as a pathway to rewarding careers.

Three-time gold-medal Olympian Lisa Fernandez

Many students face summer learning loss, and gain weight due to lack of activity and healthy eating habits. As a parent, Fernandez urges policymakers to increase access to summer programs to include low-income families. As a coach for UCLA, she also urges parents, coaches, athletes, and school administrators to emphasize the importance of eating healthy foods and staying active.


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