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Cumberland County Prosecutor Webb-McRae on Importance of Quality, Affordable Child Care

On Mother’s Day, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids member reflects on value of family

Jennifer Webb-McRae

When I think about what it took to be a professional working mom who was able to accomplish her professional goals, I always make sure to thank my extended family (parents, grandparents, brother and in-laws) for helping me achieve my dream. I was a single mom of a toddler in the early stages of my career. When I did get re-married, my husband (who was in law enforcement) was often away from home working shift work. There were many nights where my extended family chipped in running my now 21-year-old son to sports and club activities or tutors so I could attend nighttime meetings and courts. The experience I gained being free to take on new challenges was directly related to the support I received from my network of caretakers. I didn’t have to choose between accepting new responsibilities and having a child who was safe, secure and enriched beyond the school hours. That led to professional accomplishment and a better work-family balance.

It is so important to have affordable, quality child-care options for moms who work non-traditional schedules.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids member Jennifer Webb-McRae, Cumberland County Prosecutor

I realize that I was very lucky to have this support. For many working mothers this kind of family support is a luxury beyond attainment. That is why it is so important to have affordable, quality child-care options for moms who work non-traditional schedules. It helps working moms have an equal footing in the workplace. When these options are available, moms don’t have to choose between leaving the workforce (leading to less experience and lower pay upon return), foregoing more responsibility (leading to missed opportunities for promotion and higher wages) and the welfare of their children.

We all have a responsibility to assure that mothers succeed in the workplace because it leads to better outcomes from kids. Higher paying jobs for women leads to economic stability for the family. Affordable, quality child-care for young children leads to higher educational attainment and less stress on the family. That’s a win-win for everyone.


Jennifer Webb-McRae

Prosecutor, Cumberland County (NJ) Prosecutor's Office

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