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After School: Still the Prime Time for Juvenile Crime in Ohio

Afterschool Fights Crime in Ohio

The more than 5,000 law enforcement leaders around the nation who are members of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, have long known that the hours immediately after school lets out, when parents are likely not available to supervise, are the prime time for juvenile crime. Over the past 20 years, law enforcement leaders across the country have relied on high-quality afterschool programs to provide supportive, stable, and enriching environments with caring adults that keep children and youth out of trouble and safe, while supporting their academic success, and social and emotional development.

The Prime Time for Juvenile Crime in Ohio

2 to 6pm: Still the Prime Time for Juvenile Crime in Ohio

In Ohio, juvenile crime peaks between 2-6 p.m. on school days, with about 28 percent of all juvenile crime on those days occurring during the hours following the last school bell.

Program Highlight: Positive Alternative Learning for Students, Columbus

The YMCA of Central Ohio provides a positive environment for youth during the out-of-school hours during the school year and over summer breaks to explore new things, discover their passions, and grow academically and socially. Typically, this development happens after the school day ends, but through their Positive Alternative Learning for Students program and Truancy program (PALS), this YMCA is providing an engaging and encouraging space during the day for youth in grades 6 through 12 who have been suspended from school for three, five, or ten days. The Truancy program supports students and families in understanding what truancy is and what the consequences of chronic truancy are, while the PALS program offers daily academic curricula and mentorship from supportive staff. The programs jointly offer the opportunity for these youth not only to continue to focus on their education, but also to build resiliency skills and social and emotional competencies that positively support their development and lead to increased communication skills and sense of responsibility.

As youth are kept engaged during an otherwise unstructured break in their days, city data since 2008 have shown that crime has decreased during the school hours.

At the YMCA of Central Ohio, they believe that these young people are not “at-risk,” but rather “that every child is of promise.” Through this partnership with Columbus City Schools, Southwestern City Schools, the Ohio Department of Education, Key Bank, the Department of Public Safety, and the Columbus Police Department, communities have seen a marked improvement for both the youth and the city. As youth are kept engaged during an otherwise unstructured break in their days, city data since 2008 have shown that crime has decreased during the school hours, including a 53 percent decrease in auto theft, a 27 percent decrease in home burglary, and a 17 percent decrease in assault with weapons.

Program Highlight: Miracle Makers, Dayton

Miracle Makers is an afterschool and summer learning program that aims to unlock a student’s full potential through academic remediation, cognitive and social emotional development, enrichment opportunities, and family supports.

The program is conducted at Ruskin PreK-6 Neighborhood School for three hours a day after school and 5 hours a day for six weeks during the summers. Key service partners include Greater Dayton YMCA, Family Services Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, University of Dayton, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Miracle Maker students engage in two hours of math and reading intervention daily using evidenced-based curriculum delivered by certified teachers. Each Miracle Maker student has a Miracle Maker Education Plan which identifies goals created by parents, students, and teachers. Students also have their choice of very popular SPARKs workshops, which are project-based, integrated, hands-on learning activities linked to Common Core standards. These include: learning to play musical instruments, MakerSpace, coding, chess, foreign language, and many more.


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