Blog | October 16, 2019

High-Quality Afterschool Programs in New York

Afterschool programs help keep youth out of trouble in New York

The more than 5,000 law enforcement leaders around the nation who are members of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, have long known that the hours immediately after school lets out, when parents are likely not available to supervise, are the prime-time for juvenile crime. Over the past 20 years, law enforcement leaders across the country have relied on high-quality afterschool programs to provide supportive, stable, and enriching environments with caring adults that keep children and youth out of trouble and safe, while supporting their academic success, and social and emotional development.

Quality afterschool programs in New York

Program Highlight: Wings of Eagles Discovery Center, Elmira

The Wings of Eagles Discovery Center serves around 3,000 students each year. This number includes participants in weekly afterschool programming, summer of innovation program, field trips, and others. We serve students of all backgrounds. 75% of our population comes from Elmira in the form of afterschool outreach. Our STEM programming allows students at risk of failure to get tutoring and exposure to much needed science and math curriculum. This same group of students gets an intensive 4 week program during the summer to continue to hone much needed 21 century skills.

Participants of Wings of Eagles Discovery Center

One success story is of a female student who ended up going to Clarkson for rocketry. She had taken our rocketry camp many times in the past and credits Wings of Eagles for her love of science!

Afterschool outreach is one of our most important projects and services to the community. It keeps kids engaged in creative academic challenges while keeping them out of trouble. Our programs help youth explore new things - we take them out of this world and to Mars!


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