Hugh Welsh

President & General Counsel, DSM North America

Mr. Hugh C. Welsh is the President & General Counsel of DSM North America, a global leader in Life Sciences & Material Sciences. Traded on the Amsterdam stock exchange with 23,000 employees world wide and $12 billion in annual sales, DSM develops, manufactures and sells nutritional and food ingredients, biomedical materials, specialty plastics and resins, fibers and renewable energy. Hugh serves as Board Secretary to Veramaris LLC and Africa Improved Foods. Hugh also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Partners in Food Solutions, the Board of the US Chamber of Commerce Citizens Center, the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, National Diversity Council, Board of Governors of Union County College, the TriState Diversity Council, the Business Climate Leadership Council and previously served on the Board and Executive Committee of BIO and the American Chemistry Council. Hugh is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Seton Hall Law School, and Executive Leadership programs at IMD, Wharton Business School and Harvard Business School. He has been with DSM from 2004, previously with the American Standard Companies and McCarter & English.

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