Release | September 22, 2020

Public Statement on Bipartisan Support for Child Care Stabilization and FY21 LHHS Appropriations

ReadyNation members from across the country advocate for federal child care support

September 22, 2020

As the end of the fiscal year approaches and the economic devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Congress must pass an emergency supplemental to continue the work started in the CARES Act and address emerging and ongoing economic needs. Plain and simple, without child care, parents cannot return to work. In addition, Congress must pass FY21 appropriations before September 30th in order to fund the government - including vital child care services - for the next fiscal year.

ReadyNation is a national network of current and former executives focused on strengthening workforce development and the economy through the promotion of smart investments in America’s children and youth. On behalf of ReadyNation members around the country, we urge Congress to come together in a bipartisan fashion to forge solutions to assist American families in economic recovery. Any COVID-19 economic relief package should be designed to establish a child care stabilization fund that includes direct grants for both center-based and home-based child care providers. This will ensure that as Americans transition back to work, child care providers may:

  • Re-open and sustain operations during reduced attendance, since not all parents will go back to work at the same time; 

  • Deploy enhanced health and safety protocols, including purchasing additional inventories needed to support new operating standards; and 

  • Train teachers to follow new health, safety and distancing recommendations

Additionally, Congress must pass FY21 appropriations before the end of the current fiscal year, September 30th. Continued funding for CCDBG, in addition to the COVID emergency response, is needed. We applaud the House’s inclusion of CCDBG report language, which directs HHS to work with states to emphasize the need to increase the child care supply, and we urge that the language be included in the Senate version as well. This will allow parents who work non-traditional work schedules to still have access to quality care for their children and therefore be able to contribute to the national economy. 

Our nation’s economic recovery depends on swift, bipartisan action from Congress this month. More must be done to take care of our nation’s youngest generation, support our small business child care providers, and allow parents to focus on their jobs and careers. Please prioritize significant additional funding to help stabilize the child care industry in the next emergency funding package and pass FY21 appropriations.

We call on Congress to work together to meet the needs of the entire child care sector. 

*Please note: Signatories lend their names in an individual capacity, not as a company representation. Company/organization names are included for information purposes only.

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