Release | Announcement | January 8, 2021

Statement from Barry Ford in Response to U.S. Capitol Violence

Barry D. Ford, J.D.

We looked on in shock and horror at the actions of the mob this Wednesday at the United States Capitol. The heartbreaking events of this past week are a painful reminder of the deep divisions in our nation. The rights of free speech and peaceful protest are essential to our nation’s character, but what we witnessed on January 6th betrayed those values. These actions have no place in the United States of America. Lawlessness and violence cannot be tolerated, especially when the goal is to intimidate elected officials and other citizens and to alter the outcome of the democratic process.

We at Council for a Strong America condemn this violence and seek a path to heal the manifest divisions in our nation. We know that long-term solutions to our problems will require each of us to remember that we are Americans first, whether citizens or residents, before party or ideology. We all should care about the strength of our country, the thriving of our families, and the health and success of our children—all our children.

In light of the events of the year just ended and those of the week just completed, we recommit ourselves to the mission of strengthening our nation by making sure that the next generation of Americans is prepared for success in school and life. It should be the goal of every American to repair, preserve, and strengthen the fabric of our society for the sake of that next generation—young people who had to bear witness to the tragic events of this week.

The membership groups that comprise Council for a Strong America look forward to continuing to work with leaders across the country to address the economic, public safety, and national security challenges America faces—and will continue to face in the years to come—by encouraging smart, evidence-based investments in programs and policies that will enable every child in America to reach his or her full potential.


Barry D. Ford, J.D.

President and CEO