Report | July 21, 2022

A Blueprint for a Stronger America

Four Key Policy Approaches That Will Help the Next Generation Succeed in School and Life

Council for a Strong America’s law enforcement leaders, retired admirals and generals, and business executives promote solutions that help ensure that our next generation of Americans will be successful, productive members of society.

Investments in high-quality early childhood programs yield both short- and long-term returns for families, employers, and taxpayers.

Jack McBride, Founder and CEO, Contec Inc.

Our 8,500+ members know that one of the most effective ways to strengthen our nation is to provide young people with a foundation for success from their earliest years. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Mission: Readiness, and ReadyNation members advocate for evidence-based policies and programs, at the national and state levels, that put children on the path to success. From birth through high school, children need strong parents and effective programs, including the approaches listed below, to grow up to reach their potential and contribute to our nation.

Home visiting programs are a critical component in helping to reduce child abuse and neglect by equipping young parents with the fundamental knowledge, tools, resources, and support to effectively care for their young children.

Patty Patterson, Chief of Police (Ret.), Sumter (SC) Police Department

Graphic on four policy approaches

Afterschool programs can increase school-day attendance and test scores and reduce dropouts—all of which can lead kids towards successful lives and away from crime.

Michael A. Ramos, Former San Bernardino (CA) County District Attorney

When our country fails to invest effectively in its children, there is a steep price—in taxes for education, health care, social services, and criminal justice costs; costs to businesses; and costs to individuals who do not reach their potential. Investing now in what works not only builds a stronger nation, it yields long-term economic benefits. Helping children get the right start in life will save money and build a stronger America. Our nation must invest in what works.

Ensuring America’s children have consistent access to fresh and nutritious foods is essential to combating obesity and to setting children on a path to future success.

Jody Breckenridge, Vice Admiral (Ret.), U.S. Coast Guard