Op-Ed | September 8, 2016

Olympian Carrie Sheinberg on Social-Emotional Learning

The Olympian makes a compelling case to focus on social-emotional learning in an op-ed published in the Park Record

Olympian and Champions for America’s Future member Carrie Sheinberg made a compelling case for a focus on social-emotional learning in an opinion piece published in the Park (UT) Record.

Students across the country often struggle with basic life skills. Education that focuses on social-emotional learning (SEL) can provide one solution to this problem.

Olympian Carrie Sheinberg

Sheinberg explained that research shows that young children who develop social skills and emotional control tend to enjoy a host of better life outcomes. She said that making sure that social-emotional learning is a key part of quality early education programs can help today’s children become the well-adjusted, productive adults of tomorrow.

Read Carrie Sheinberg’s op-ed in the Park Record

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