Announcement | December 5, 2016

Statement on Unity Between Police and Communities of Color

This work to rebuild trust in communities is critical to effective policing in the 21st century

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids has worked with law enforcement leaders and community partners across the country to increase investments that give America’s disadvantaged children and youth a real chance to succeed in life and create stronger, safer communities.

Recent tragic incidents have led to a rising level of division and mistrust between communities of color and law enforcement agencies. We know that confronting this challenge will require robust community partnerships and real change. Our Fight Crime: Invest in Kids members want to ensure that our communities are safe for every person. We are deeply committed to doing our part with the support of our members, youth, parents and other key stakeholders to rebuild trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

As one response to that challenge, we have created a new Police Training Institute, a uniquely comprehensive approach that will help transform interactions between law enforcement and youth of color. The curriculum covers unconscious bias, adolescent brain development, trauma informed responses, and local community interaction, as well as specific operationalized approaches that police can utilize to avoid escalation and facilitate de-escalation in police interactions with young people, especially youth of color.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is committed to working with law enforcement and community members to create a safe environment for all families to grow and flourish. The Police Training Institute is just one component of our work to create transformational solutions that ensure every man, woman and child goes home safe to a loving family with bright hopes for the future.

“The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation proudly supports Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and its innovative Police Training Institute because of the potential of this project to make community health a shared value and to foster positive collaborations between law enforcement and youth of color.” —Dwayne Proctor, Director and Senior Advisor, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This work to rebuild trust in communities is critical to effective policing in the 21st century. I am proud to be a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, and I believe that this work will effectuate real change in the way my officers and those in other departments interact with communities of color.

Police Chief Art Acevedo, Houston, TX

“The California Endowment has worked with Fight Crime: Invest in Kids to help disrupt California’s school-to-prison pipeline and invest in real safety for our communities centered on health, education and investing in youth. We are glad to support the efforts of the new Police Training Institute as an important step in improving community-police relations and building partnerships to create safe and healthy communities.” —Dr. Bob Ross, President & CEO, The California Endowment

“As one of more than 5,000 law enforcement leaders of Fight: Crime Invest in Kids, I have helped win critical funding to help children, youth and families reach their full potential and improve community safety. I am committed to seeing the dynamics between law enforcement and communities of color improve.” —Sheriff Don Ash, Wyandotte County (Kansas City & surrounding vicinity), KS

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