Blog | September 27, 2018

An Accurate Census Bolsters Our Economy

ReadyNation member Maureen Kahn recently authored a guest blog on the importance of the U.S. census to businesses and the economy

ReadyNation Illinois member Maureen Kahn, President & CEO, Blessing Health System, recently authored a blog post for Forefront, an Illinois association of non-profits, grantmakers, and other allies. In the post, Kahn makes the case that the U.S. census is a vital part of allocating federal resources effectively.

“All told, the census is vital to the accurate allotment of more than $800 billion in federal resources each year, including nearly $20 billion for Illinois alone,” Kahn explains. “Many of these dollars are destined for schools, housing, health care, and other services that are essential to children’s optimal learning and healthy growth.”

Simply put: Without adequate, accurate information to help guide our decisions about investing wisely in kids’ learning and development, we shortchange our economic future.

Maureen Kahn, President & CEO, Blessing Health System

Kahn also says that accurate data from the census helps businesses make key decisions. If those decisions are based on faulty information, there can be negative consequences for those businesses, and for the American economy as a whole.

Read the full piece HERE

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