Release | Op-Ed | October 20, 2021

25 Years In, We’re More Sure Than Ever that Crime Prevention Starts in Early Childhood

Former San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos shares the evidence-based early childhood programs that help keep kids safe and out of the criminal justice system

Michael A. Ramos

Former San Bernardino County District Attorney, Council for a Strong America board member, and member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids’ National Leadership Council, Michael Ramos shared his perspective on the value of early childhood programs in a new article in The Prosecutor, a publication by the National District Attorneys Association.

Former DA Ramos explains that, throughout Fight Crime: Invest in Kids’ 25 year history, law enforcement leaders have advocated for research-proven methods to reduce and prevent future crime. The most powerful way to do that: investing in children. Childhood supports like pre-K, afterschool programs, voluntary parent coaching, and home visiting help prepare kids for future success in school and life.

The 25th Anniversary report from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids provides insight into how early learning and access to quality pre-K can help set kids on the right path and away from crime.


Michael A. Ramos

Board Secretary; Former San Bernardino (CA) County District Attorney


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