Video | February 8, 2019

Champions for America's Future Members Highlight Importance of Deeper Learning [VIDEO]

Sports leaders share the impact that teachers and mentors who imparted key competencies had on their careers and lives

The competencies that comprise deeper learning are skills that will benefit students in school, careers, and life. Sports leaders from Champions for America’s Future speak to the importance of these competencies, tying them to experiences they had with teachers and mentors in their formative years.

These videos feature Champions for America’s Future members Phaidra Knight (World Rugby Hall of Famer), Ann Marie Saccurato (a former three-time boxing World Champion), Andra Douglas (former college rugby star and current owner of the New York Sharks women’s pro football team), Donna Weinbrecht (Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle skiing), and Sharon Monplaisir (three-time Olympic fencer).

Phaidra Knight on Self-Directed Learning

Ann Marie Saccurato on Communication

Andra Douglas on Collaboration

Donna Weinbrecht on Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Sharon Monplaisir on Self-Directed Learning

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