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Our Impact

Supporting programs and policies that help at-risk kids win at life

What We've Accomplished

Supporting high-quality pre-K

Champions for America’s Future has expanded the fight for greater access to quality pre-K for at-risk kids by engaging world-class athletes and coaches, including Duke University men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) and various Olympic & Paralympic gold medalists.

Promoting more physical education in schools

Champions for America’s Future has been a strong catalyst for amplifying the need to reinstate quality physical education in schools.

  • In 2016, Champions’ op-ed with Heisman trophy winner Herschel Walker on the importance of physical education helped get PE included in the federal Education and Secondary Students Act (ESSA) Title IV block grant for safe and successful students.
  • Working at the state level, Champions for America’s Future produced several media events with Olympic gold medalists to advance Tennessee legislation to increase both quality and quantity of physical education in schools across the state.