Release | July 29, 2020

ReadyNation CEO Task Force Statement on HEALS Act

ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood Co-Chairs respond to the HEALS Act

Jack McBride, James Zimmerman, John Pepper

The ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood Co-Chairs released the following statement in response to the Senate HEALS Act inclusion of funding to stabilize the child care sector:

We applaud the Senate’s release of the HEALS Act, a COVID-19 economic relief package that begins to address the critical needs of the child care sector. As business leaders, we know that Americans cannot go back to work if quality child care is not available.

We encourage Congress to keep working to establish, and fully invest in, a child care stabilization fund that includes grants to both center-based and home-based child care providers. Grants should be available to assist all child care providers in: re-opening and sustaining operations during reduced attendance, since not all parents will go back to work at the same time; supporting child care providers deploying enhanced health and safety protocols, including purchasing additional inventories needed to support new operating standards; and training teachers to follow new health, safety and distancing recommendations.

The HEALS Act is an important first step, but more must be done to take care of our nation’s youngest generation, support our small business child care providers, and allow parents to focus on their jobs and careers. As Congress works to negotiate a final package, we call on Members of Congress to work together to meaningfully increase funding to meet the needs of the entire child care sector.

Co-Chairs, ReadyNation CEO Task Force On Early Childhood:

Jack Brennan, Senior Advisor, Chairman Emeritus and former CEO, Vanguard Group

John Pepper, Chairman & CEO (Ret.), Procter & Gamble

James Zimmerman, Chairman & CEO (Ret.), Macy’s, Inc.

ReadyNation is a national, bipartisan business network of current and former executives across industry sectors focused on strengthening workforce development and the economy through the promotion of smart investments in America’s children and youth. (*Note: Above signatories lend their names in an individual capacity, not as a company representation. Company/organization names are included for information purposes only).


Jack McBride

Board Member, Council for a Strong America; Contec Inc., Founder and CEO

James Zimmerman

Chairman & CEO (Ret.), Macy’s, Inc.

John Pepper

Chairman & CEO (Ret), Procter & Gamble; Former Chairman, The Walt Disney Company

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