Letters to Lawmakers | March 25, 2021

Michigan Law Enforcement and Military Leaders Stress the Importance of Investments in Children and Families

The case for investing in high-quality child care, home visiting and afterschool care programs

Over 100 Michigan leaders have written to Michigan legislators about programs and policies that can help set kids up for success. They discuss how these programs can help Michigan families heal from the stress and turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic. Child care and afterschool care programs are integral to the recovery efforts as we get back to work. And home visiting programs seek to help to stabilize families.

The signatories are members of two partner organizations in Michigan — Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and Mission: Readiness — which comprise, respectively, representatives of law enforcement and retired military leaders. The organizations support research-based strategies that will help our next generation lead safe, healthy, and successful lives.

Rather than waiting to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate more people, we should invest early in solutions that can prevent crime now.

From the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Michigan Letter

The law-enforcement leaders of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids point to evidence that such strategies boost the academic performance of young people and help reduce crime and violence in our communities. And the retired military leaders who make up Mission: Readiness note that early childhood programs can even enhance national security, by improving the ability of young people to succeed in the military, or in whatever career they choose.

Research shows that high-quality programs lay the foundation for successful learning, encourage children to live active and healthy lives, and promote cognitive, social, and emotional development that prevents behavioral problems later in life.

From the Mission: Readiness Michigan Letter

Both letters reference the devastating burdens that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on families, providers, and educators. While the crisis also has created challenges for state policymakers assembling the FY22 budget, the leaders of these organizations agree that prioritizing the needs of children and families will enhance the long-term well-being of our state and ultimately save many costs.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Michigan Letter

Mission: Readiness Michigan Letter


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