Infographic | September 12, 2016

2016 Citizen-Readiness Index Infographic

More than three-quarters of states earn a grade of "C" or worse on citizen-readiness

Created as part of the 2016 Citizen Readiness Index report, this infographic features 50-state data on how many young Americans are not citizen ready.

The index measures citizen-readiness along three indicators needed to demonstrate whether today’s young adults are contributing to a strong citizenry:

  • Unprepared for the workforce (percentage of young adults who aren’t employed or in school)

  • Involved in crime (number of arrests by young adults)

  • Unqualified for the military (percentage of young adults ineligible for military service)

As demonstrated in the infographic below, states were given both an overall citizen-readiness grade and indicator-specific grades. Washington, D.C. was excluded from this analysis. More than three-quarters of the states earned a grade of C or worse.

2016 Citizen Readiness Index Infographic

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