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ReadyNation National Child Care Campaign

ReadyNation is calling on federal lawmakers (i) to protect and expand programs that enhance the affordability and availability of quality child care and (ii) to foster continuing innovations that address this problem for parents and employers.

On this page you’ll find links to a variety of materials related to the ReadyNation national child care campaign, including, but not limited to, reports, member blogs, and sign-on letters to lawmakers. For state-specific information, please visit respective state web pages provided here.




  • LETTER TO CONGRESS: Sustain the Child Care Sector in the Face of COVID-19 (5/27/20) Over 30 ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood members call upon Congress to maintain and strengthen the child care sector.

  • LETTER TO CONGRESS: Business Leaders Urge Congressional Action (2/13/19) Over 50 senior business leaders from across the country have signed a letter to Congress urging strong Child Care and Development Block Grant funding and other initiatives to fight the infant-and-toddler child care crisis.


ReadyNation featured select business leader members across industry sectors from around the country in a limited blog series to draw attention to the ongoing child care crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


SPOTLIGHT: Key Businesses Helping to Fight the Child Care Crisis (1/24/19) This profile presents three examples of companies that have created better child care options for their employees, thereby improving the lives of parents and children, while also bolstering their own productivity.


MARCH 10, 2021 - Historic Child Care Investments

FEBRUARY 24, 2021 - Child Care is Vital to our Workforce

FEBRUARY 10, 2021 - Investing in Child Care

JANUARY 28, 2021 - Child Care Keeps the American Workforce Strong

JANUARY 13, 2021 - Investing in Our Future

DECEMBER 16, 2020 - Supporting Child Care Providers

DECEMBER 2, 2020 - Early Education and Care is Pivotal for Kids in Rural Areas

NOVEMEBER 18, 2020 - The Intersection of Child Care and Economic Recovery

NOVEMBER 4, 2020 - Bipartisan Support for Child Care

OCTOBER 21, 2020 - Our Economy Hinges on Child Care

OCTOBER 7, 2020 - Child Care Funding Key for FY21 Appropriations

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 - Child Care Stabilization Requires Bipartisan Action

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 - Protecting Child Care for a Strong Economy

AUGUST 26, 2020 - Child Care Puts Kids on the Path to Success

AUGUST 12, 2020 - Child Care is Essential

JULY 29, 2020 - New Developments on Capitol Hill

JULY 15, 2020 - Child Care Will Be Key to American Businesses

JULY 1, 2020 - Preserving the Entire Child Care Sector

JUNE 18, 2020 - Child Care and Reopening the Post-COVID Economy

JUNE 4, 2020 - Sustaining the Child Care Sector

MAY 20, 2020 - We Cannot Forget Child Care in our Response to COVID-19

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