Event | Event | January 16, 2017

America Unprepared

New data shows many young Americans aren't workforce ready, crime-free, or military-eligible. Is America in crisis?

A new report, the Citizen-Readiness Index, highlights new data showing that 71 percent of young Americans are struggling to become productive members of society on multiple measures, and outlines concrete steps that policy makers can take to address the citizen readiness problem.

50-state infographic ranks states on citizen readiness

The report also includes a 50-state infographic which ranks states on whether they’re poised to produce “citizen-ready” young adults, meaning workforce-ready, crime-free, and military-eligible. 39 out of 50 states earned an overall grade of C, D or E. Some recent state examples:

National experts shared solutions

On September 13, there was a Capitol Hill briefing moderated by former ABC News Capitol Hill Correspondent John Cochran featured a discussion by national experts on what the next administration can do to ensure that today’s young Americans are citizen ready and prepared to build a strong nation.

Expert Panelists: