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Twenty years ago, many states came up with new education standards to ensure that students were prepared for college and careers. However, those standards differed greatly, and students moving across states and school districts—especially those in military families—lost out. In 2006, a group of the nation’s governors, state commissioners of education, teachers, and other experts came together to remedy the problem, establishing national guidelines for what students should master at each grade level. Since then, 42 states have adopted these shared achievement milestones, and many are implementing aligned evaluations. Council for a Strong America educates policymakers about the connection between high academic goals and a next generation that is workforce-ready, crime-free, and military-eligible.

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  1. November 24, 2017 (Portland Press-Herald )

    Let proficiency be required before diploma is awarded


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    Don’t repeal education standards


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    How is My Kid Doing?